Introduction to Live360° feature

Want to have a complete real-time view of the behavior of your PostgreSQL instances?

Datasentinel introduces a new feature which will be a precious help during your performance analyzes or troubleshooting sessions

This article aims to describe the main elements of Live360° feature.
You will thus have a good overview of the possibilities offered by this new module.

Live360° Functions

Current sessions

  • View backends by database or globally with the possibility of filtering on active sessions

  • For each session, locks and blocking sessions display

  • Status of each active session: is it currently consuming CPU, waiting for IOs, writing WAL, waiting on lock, etc …?

  • Ability to terminate a backend (requires the read write privilege for the Datasentinel user)

  • And of course the query being executed, its start time and duration

PostgreSQL current backends

Blocking sessions

  • Immediate visualization of blocking backends as well as blocked backends with time spent waiting and queries

  • Ability also to terminate a backend (requires the read write privilege for the Datasentinel user)

PostgreSQL current backends


Explore precisely the properties and statistics of relations, by database and schema

  • Relations of type Table, Index, Foreign Table, Materialized View, View, Extension, Extended Statistics, Function / Proc, Sequence, TOAST are implemented

  • VACUUM informations (live tuples, dead tuples, Frozen xid, last date)

  • Table statistics as well as their partitions, indexes, extended statistics, …

  • Column statistics : NULL values, distinct values, average width, …

  • But also the disk usage, the description of the views, materialized views, …

So much information used by the PostgreSQL planner / optimizer to determine an execution plan

PostgreSQL tables and indexes explorer

Execution plans

Dynamically generate an execution plan for any query

  • Finely analyze each step with our integrated viewer

  • Also possible to display the plan in text or json format

  • ANALYZE option (SELECT query only) ensuring the execution of a query in order to have the overall execution time and of each step

PostgreSQL execution plan

In Progress reporting

View the progress of some operations monitored by PostgreSQL since version 9.6



  • ANALYZE since version 13

PostgreSQL in progress reporting

Disk and memory usage

Explore in detail the space used by relations in your databases

  • Disk usage of tables, partitions, indexes, TOAST tables organized by database, schema, tablespace or relation name

  • Top-down views allowing to visualize in detail the space used

  • Ability to analyze the distribution of your data cache thanks to the pg_buffercache extension if present

PostgreSQL relation disk usage


Pleae visit our documentation about Live360


The Live360° feature allows a complete real-time view of the behavior of your PostgreSQL instances, through a direct connection, providing precision and additional informations on the context, which will offer you valuable and indispensable help during your performance or troubleshooting analyzes

Datasentinel unique features and the simplexity of its GUI allow a quick start to easily and precisely analyze the workload of your Postgres instances

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